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Date: 05/04/2023         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, Prototype Lower Limb Prosthesis

Hello Engineers and 3D Printing Enthusiasts!

As you have already seen from the title, in today's episode we show a prototype of a Lower Limb Prosthesis made by 3D Printing.

And it's all done in the PolyDlab, the MJF Professional 3D printing technical lab, where we anal...


Date: 22/12/2022         Posted by: Caterina

PolyD, Multifunctional 3D-printed Prosthesis

Hello Engineers and 3D Printing Enthusiasts!

Welcome to today's video which, as you have already seen from the title, is about a very interesting piece.

We are in our PolyDlab, the MJF 3D printing technical lab. In this space we analyse the 'extreme' projects sent...


Date: 09/12/2022         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, Military Mobile Phone Holder

Hello Engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts! Welcome to this new video.

PolyD lab is our MJF 3D Printing technical lab dedicated to printing and analysing extreme and complex designs, submitted by our followers and customers. 

If you want to know more, read the artic...


Date: 25/11/2022         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, 3D-printed bladeless Fan


Hello Engineers and welcome to this new article!

Today we are going to show you how the Fan without Blades, a special printed fan designed by Valerio Canulli, was made in the PolyDlab Contest.

Are you curious? Let's start the journey together.



Date: 25/03/2022         Posted by: Caterina

Rapid Prototyping in 3D Printing - Rainwater Conveyor - PolyD

Hello Engineers!

Today we are talking about Professional 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping. And we do it using a rainwater conveyor that we 3D printed with MJF technology, using Nylon PA12 as material in TOP mode. The project was born from an idea of one of our employee, Stefano: a...