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Date: 06/02/2023         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, top 5 3D software for architecture

If you are a professional, an architect or a company that builds buildings, 3D printing allows you to print miniature models of architectural projects, almost like scale prototypes of civil, industrial and rural buildings. It can be a great way to preview them to your clients and gain their appro...


Date: 30/06/2022         Posted by: caterina

PolyD's Free Online .STEP to .STL Converter


3D printing enthusiasts,

today we would like to tell you about PolyD's free online converter and the possibility of converting .STEP files into .STL format. This format is the most commonly used in 3D printing for estimating and producing parts and prototypes. ...


Date: 17/01/2022         Posted by: Caterina

Best Free Apps for 3D Scanning - Android & iPhone - PolyD

Hello Engineers!

Welcome to this new video on free apps for 3D scanning from smartphones. We all have a smartphone with a good quality camera and in this article we give you tips on how to use it, applied to the world of 3D Printing, to scan objects for your Online 3D Printing.


Date: 14/05/2021         Posted by: Davide

5 Free Modelling Software for 3D Printing

Hello Engineers!

Today I want to point out 5 FREE SITES for those who are approaching 3D modelling, among which you can find the most suitable for you.

You can then deepen your knowledge of the software directly on the sites listed.


Date: 02/04/2021         Posted by: Caterina

The 8 best professional 3D printing software

The use of 3D printing has made progress in industry, manufacturing and construction, design and welfare. In this article we discuss some professional 3D modelling software.

There are several 3D printing softwares on the market. How do we choose the right one for us?