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Perhaps there is no perfect 3D Printing Service for every need.
However, there are certain features and functions desired by many users that are considered essential for a reliable and efficient 3D Printing Service. In these years of Prototyping and producing Parts and Components for companies, thanks to the feedback from our customers, we have found some requirements that we summarise in this article.

Polyd, the Online 3D Printing Service


Polyd, Online 3D Printing Service


What is an Online 3D Printing Service?

Let's start by understanding what an Online 3D Printing Service is: it is a digital platform where you can upload your files in stl, stp format, choose the desired material and production time, get an immediate quote, decide to print and receive your orders directly at home. 

PolyD, in addition to the online platform, also has 3D printers to produce parts, components and prototypes. It uses the latest industrial 3D printing technologies, high-performance technical materials, and thanks to the control of the entire production process, it responds promptly to your requests.  


1. Security and Confidentiality. 

It is essential that a 3D Printing Service offers the right guarantees for the handling of projects: 

  • a secure connection; 
  • the storage of files anonymously in a secure site; 
  • the possibility of file deletion. 

PolyD thanks to PolyD Protected, the exclusive working process that protects your confidentiality, protects your Parts and is committed to secure the process of managing print files, from the moment of ulpoad required for the quotation, up to the deletion of the file of the Part, Prototype or Component, once the print is finished. 
If you want to learn more read PolyD Protected.

2. Convenience.

Quality is at the top, with the most advantageous price. In defining the price of a 3D printed object, the type of material chosen, the volume of the prototype, and the post-processing completed the part play a role. Our pricing policy is transparent and immediately calculable, thanks to the online price estimator:

  • we use MJF printers because they have the best quality and production speed on the market; 
  • we print in just 3/5/7 working days;
  • your requests are met quickly and professionally. 

We are constantly working to ensure the highest quality and production efficiency, while exploring all options to reduce production costs, improve finishing and always guarantee you the best value for money. 

3. Immediate Quotes.

We have spent a lot of time making our services easy to access. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices. Get your Quote Instantly, by uploading your file. Upload your files, choose your printing options (materials and finishes) and complete your order quickly and easily.

4. The Fastest 3D Printers and Best Performing Materials. 

Multi Jet Fusion (m.j.f.) 3D printers are printers developed by HP and use the powder bed printing system. They are the best for printing objects in a short time, with top quality and optimum finish, at favourable prices.
An online 3D printing service gives access to a wide range of materials and finishes. In 3D printing we can distinguish between

  • standard plastics, used for non-critical applications,
  • and 'engineered' plastics, used for structural applications.

We offer materials such as Nylon (Standard, Top, Top Mechancal, Fast), Glass Filled Top, Polyamide PA11 Top, Similgomma Top (TPU). We chose Nylon because it belongs to 'engineering plastics' and is valued for its strength, durability and flexibility; it is perfect for the production of functional parts such as gears and mechanical components and has another significant advantage: it is biocompatible and widely used for the production of medical devices. 

5. Technical Assistance.

Our Guidelines provide all the information for preparing your part and prototype files. In addition, .stl, .step. files and .stp files need to be checked for the best 3D printing quality. With our experience we have identified 2 types of checks:

  • the Basic Check, with which you get the mesh verification and repair and the minimum thickness check according to our design guidelines. 
  • the Professional File Control, in which in addition one of our experts will check your file and contact you in case of critical issues, with solutions and suggestions for a better printing result.

If you still need technical support, advice or simply have doubts, you can contact us via whatsapp. We respond to your requests promptly.

6. Rapid Production and Prototyping. 

A wide choice of materials, black UV finishes, industrial ral paint, nested builds, oversized parts and the ability to customise parts, components and prototypes is one of our strengths.
You can 3D print lightweight and durable structures, with no shape limits, and engineer sophisticated designs in even the most intricate details. In addition, you can print text and images and serialise them to ensure traceability of each part.

7. Experimentation takes centre stage with PolyDlab.

With PolyDlab, our always active research lab, we practice pushing 3D printing to the extreme of its possibilities. Those who want to try their hand at designing parts while respecting the 5 points of the contest can send their stl file to our team of experts. The files received will be viewed and one project per month will be printed free of charge. 
If you want to know more, read polydlab on our blog.


PolyD, Featuring of Online 3D Printing Service



Being the Online 3D Printing Service - the ideal partner for companies and professionals looking for reliable, efficient and high quality solutions - means being Affordable, Secure, Professional. Producing in-house also allows us to handle your orders quickly - 3/5/7 days - and any technical support needs.

We would love to know your opinion on this point: when choosing a 3D print server what are your needs and expectations? 

Write us your opinion to

Thank you very much in advance and happy 3D printing!