PolyD is the most confidential and secure Industrial 3D Printing Service on the market.

Unlike all other operators, our mission is to defend your design. Blind it from prying eyes. With an exclusive manufacturing process that protects your privacy: the PolyD Protected Protocol.

Too often projects entrusted to traditional 3D printing services have no protection.
In some cases they are even stolen and disseminated.
In others they are treated in the manufacturing process with excessive ease.

With us it never happens, never. In our site you only see products created by us, as proof of our ability.
This is because we protect what our customers commission us: every job remains a secret, between our organization and the customer.
So it will be for you too.

Our Manifesto.

This is our system of beliefs. Match your own.

Your intellectual property is the most valuable asset. It is for you. It is for us.
We strongly defend the confidentiality of your ideas and fight against those who want to unduly appropriate them.
Because the value of your work far exceeds the value of our realization. We are aware of this.
The projects you entrust to our technologies are exclusively yours, not ours. This is why we do not make them public. Under no circumstances.
Publishing photos of completed projects, as other 3D printing services do - even when they receive permission to do so - is almost always a display of vanity. We are only interested in working well. And keep, whatever the cost, our promise.
Absolute precision in processing and fast delivery is the least we can ask our organization.
Designing and protecting are verbs that cannot be disjointed, so they basically share the same letters.
And we respect our commitments to the letter.