Can I request a quote?

With Log-in to access the Quote Page you can estimate your components online, in a protected and confidential way, 24 hours a day.

Can I delete the files I used for the online quote?

You always have the total control of your files, starting from the file's upload to estimate the piece, until the order is delivered to you.

Find all the tools in your account menu

Which payment do you accept?

We accept paypal, credit card and bank transfer.

How do you protect the confidentiality of the project I entrust you with?

Designing and Protecting are two verbs for us linked. For this reason we have created the Protocol PolyD. Protected.

How do you ship?

To protect your privacy, we package your parts in anonymous packages and ship them by express courier.

Do you deliver anywhere?

We ship all over Europe, including the islands. For other countries please send us an email to hello@polyd.it

How long does it take the production?

We guarantee production in 3/6/9 working days from the order confirmation.  It depends on you

I have a special request. How can I contact you?

You can make any request, even the most daring one. If it is not manageable online contact us: write an email or call us, we will respond promptly.

How can I improve the 3D printing of my components?
You can refer to the “design guidelines”.

The object to be printed is very large, what can I do?

If the object is larger than the maximum printable volume, the component can be sectioned by dividing it into parts reassembled after printing.

What is the maximum printable volume?

The 3D printing volume is 379 × 280 × 379 mm. If the object to be printed is larger, it can be sectioned and reassembled after printing. You can also refer to "design guidelines".

How accurately do you print in 3D?

The dimensional accuracy is between ± 0.2 mm up to 100 mm and 0.2% above that value. You can also see "design guidelines".

How can I create the STL file?

The .STL is a standard format and all 3D CAD modelers support it. The export must be made in mm. The recommended values ​​for distance and angle are 0.05 and 1. Using values ​​greater than those recommended would make the piece not very detailed and with round surfaces not well defined. If the setting values ​​are too small, it would make the STL file very heavy, unnecessarily. You can learn more in "design guidelines".

Which technical support does PolyD offer to me?

If you want we could analyze the STL file by repairing it to make it printable without defects. We could also verifying if the minimum construction thicknesses have been respected.

What do you use to print in 3D?

We use new HP Jet Fusion 3D 5210 printer, able to print quickly and accurately on an area of ​​380 x 280 x 380 mm.

What is the advantage you have over your competitors?

To print accurately - quickly and easily - is fundamental, but it is also the "minimum wage". With us you have also protection. Our mission is to defend your design. You are sure to rely on a professional technical partner who has placed the protection of your ideas at the center of the value proposition. You could also learn more in "about us".