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PolyD, the Professional and Secure Online 3D Printing Service. Rapid Prototyping and Serial Parts for the Manufacturing, Component and Automation Industries.


The file upload is secure and confidential.

PolyD.Com: Convinient, Confidential, Professional and Made in Italy


PolyD, Easy, Confidential and Professional 3d printing


Convinient: top quality at a bargain price and get your quote instantly.


Confidential: benefit from the PolyD Protocol for Secure 3D Printing.


Professional: receive your 3D Parts/Prototypes printed with MJF technology.


Made in Italy: save time. Everything in 3/5/7 days, because we are in Italy.

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With PolyD you choose Materials, Finishings and Formats


Wide Choice of Materials

PolyD 3D Prints on Nylon, Polyamide and Rubber. These robust thermoplastics are ideal for 3D printing of high-quality, functional plastic parts and complex parts such as housings, enclosures and waterproof applications. 

Black UV finishes 

For your 3D printing you can range from raw grey, without any treatment applied, to natural matt with its anthracite grey finish, standard black or even UV Resistant black.


RAL Industrial Painting

Choose the most suitable colour for your 3D print: naval yellow, pure orange, fire red, cobalt blue, sky blue, silver grey, etc. Our finishes resist moisture, light and scratches. They guarantee durability and perfect adhesion.

Oversize Formats 

With MJF technology you 3D print online Complex Parts up to a maximum volume of 380 x 284 x 380 mm. If your part exceeds the printable area, PolyD can section it into several parts to fit the maximum print area and then reassemble them into a single body.


PolyD Protected

PolyD Protected

The PolyD Protected Protocol


is the PolyD Protected 3d Printing Process,
by which we are committed to the confidentiality of information about you.


Your log-in
allows you to enter an exclusive environment
where you have total control over your files,
and even without your signature, every printed piece is NDA protected. 

PolyD Protected

Professional 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Mass Production Parts



Professional 3D Printing

PolyD uses professional 3D printers with incredible precision and offers state-of-the-art 3D solutions with a wide choice of materials and finishes. With us you can produce functional components, prototypes, spare parts, small series, limited editions.

Nested Build

Whether you are a 3d printing service or a 3d printing professional, Nested Build is PolyD's service that allows you to optimise the production cost of your Parts by purchasing a pre-determined print volume and save up to 60%.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping allows you to transform ideas into Prototypes with the same technical characteristics as the final products, starting from a digital three-dimensional model (CAD). PolyD prints Parts and Components for your 3D Prototyping, with HP printers and MJF technology.

Serial Parts

You choose what to 3d print, how much and how. PolyD prints for you functional, perfectly finished and mechanically robust Mass Production Parts. PolyD allows you to save money by eliminating the cost of moulds; to make improvements between prints; to save time.


The 3 Advantages of PolyD, the 3D Printing Service

PolyD the 3 Advantages when you 3D print with us

We 3D print for Industries, Professionals and Designers, with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and with SLS machines. The materials are quality, we professionally check your files in .Step / .Stp format and the colouring of your Prototypes is UV Resistant. Your Series Productions are robust, with unconstrained shapes and customisable with Variable Data.


PolyD Protected Protocol. 3D Printing of your Designs is the most Confidential and Secure on the market, thanks to our exclusive manufacturing process, which protects your confidentiality.


We ship throughout Europe in 3/5/7 working days.

Choose PolyD

3D Printing for Prototyping, Design and Industry


Rapid Prototyping and Design

Are you a design studio? Are you involved in professional 3D printing, prototyping and industrial production? Do you want to break form constraints and need a reliable and professional 3D printing service at the right cost?

Industrial Automation

Do you need to modify parts of processes and/or optimise production lines?
Do you offer industrial automation solutions and want to print complex, customised parts?

Industrial Design

Are you looking for a partner for 3D printing of structural production parts? Do you need to 3D print small batch production, accurately, efficiently and economically? 

Components and Tooling

Do you need a 3D printing service for tooling applications, such as assembly and inspection fixtures or robotic arm tools? Do you design Components, Parts and Tooling?


Our Customers say about us

How to 3D print


Design Guidelines

Are you looking for more information on preparing your print file?  Inside the Guidelines you will find measures and techniques to make your design easy and intuitive: file preparation, dimensional accuracy, part specifications and more.

Chat with Technicians 

Do you want to know what and how to 3D print? Are you a company and need support and technical information? Do you need advice on materials, colours and finishes? Do you have doubts about tolerances or extra specifications? Do you have other special requests? Contact us via WhatsApp.

Complete MJF Guide

Hp's Multi Jet Fusion technology enables prototyping and 3D printing of Parts, Prototypes and Mass Production, with high precision, robust mechanics and accurate details. Find out how it works, what it is and what advantages MJF Technology has.


Convert your .STEP files to .STL Online

Online Conversion .step in .stl

Upload the STEP / STP file and choose the resolution (low, medium or high).


Online convert the STEP file to STL. Time depends on file size.


Print your Piece in 3D and take advantage of the Free First Order offer.

Online Converter

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