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Date: 13/09/2023         Posted by: caterina

Polyd, the Online 3D Printing Service

Good Morning!

Perhaps there is no perfect 3D Printing Service for every need. However, there are certain features and functions desired by many users that are considered essential for a reliable and efficient 3D Printing Service. In these years of Prototyping and producing Parts a...


Date: 22/05/2023         Posted by: davide

PolyD, Super Mario Kart in 3D MJF print

Good morning Engineers!

Today we are in the PolyD-Lab, our MJF 3D printing lab, to tell you how we decided to take on a challenge as interesting as it is complicated, namely to print the world-famous Super Mario KART in 1:1 scale in less than 3 weeks!

We threw ourselves into t...


Date: 05/04/2023         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, Medical Devices in 3D Printing

Hi Engineers,

Today we are talking about the medical device industry that provides the essential tools for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and that, thanks to technological innovation, improves the quality of medical care and wellbeing solutions for patients.


Date: 19/04/2022         Posted by: caterina

MJF 3D Printing: the Turbofan Engine - PolyD

Hi Engineers!

Here we are with a new video showing a 3D printed part with MJF Technology, one of the best 3D printing technologies currently on the market, using Nylon PA12 as material. This is the Turbofan, a type of jet engine.  



Date: 11/02/2022         Posted by: caterina

MJF 3D Printing: Natural Cooling or Fast Cooling? - PolyD

Hello Engineers!

Welcome to PolyD's new video on Professional 3D Printing. Today we are going to take a closer look at Build Cooling, i.e. the cooling of 3D Printed Parts using MJF Technology.

Why is this phase of Industrial 3D Printing important? Because it has a signifi...