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Date: 23/04/2024         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing is a dynamic and ever-changing universe and understanding it in depth requires constant effort. As industry professionals, we are aware that the complexity of technologies, materials and processes makes it crucial to understand the main concepts and adapt to emerging innovations and c...


Date: 22/05/2023         Posted by: davide

PolyD, Super Mario Kart in 3D MJF print

Good morning Engineers!

Today we are in the PolyD-Lab, our MJF 3D printing lab, to tell you how we decided to take on a challenge as interesting as it is complicated, namely to print the world-famous Super Mario KART in 1:1 scale in less than 3 weeks!

We threw ourselves into t...


Date: 30/03/2023         Posted by: caterina

PolyD, MJF 3D Printing for Industrial Design

The main objective of Industrial Design is to improve people's lives by offering products that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we discover how Industrial MJF 3D Printing can support the creative and design process of industrial designers, home designers and object...