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"Unlike other 3D printing technologies, HP Multi Jet Fusion prints each layer of new materials and agents over a layer that is still molten, so that both layers blend together completely, ensuring solid, detailed, functional and quality 3D printed parts.”

PolyD uses HP 4200MJF for industrial prototyping and for the production of finished parts with 3D printing.

For more information on HP technology: HP 3D Printers


Modiano & Partners is one of Europe’s leading law firms specializing in intellectual property rights.

The company has operated in Italy for over 70 years with a team of in-house professionals who specialize in technical and legal matters.

Modiano helps companies to develop patents, designs, and trademarks and to protect corporate intellectual property nationally (in Italy), in Europe, and internationally.

The firm counts over 300 professionals located throughout Italy and abroad. Its services are economically competitive while at the same time providing high-quality assistance.          

Modiano’s areas of technical specialization cover all the most innovative sectors of technology, including pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, electronics, IT, genetics and molecular biology. This enables the company to offer tailored consultancy for all requirements, and a customized and competitive service both for medium to large enterprises and for small businesses.



  • Filing and obtaining national (Italian), European, and foreign patents
  • European patent opposition and appeal procedures
  • Opinions on the validity and on the infringement of patents and models
  • Technical advice in disputes
  • Supplementary protection certificates


  • Filing and obtaining national (Italian), Community and international models
  • Opinions on validity and on infringement
  • Technical advice in disputes


  • Analysis of prior art searches
  • Filing, obtaining and renewal of Italian, European Union, international and foreign trademarks
  • Opposition procedures before the IPTO, the EUIPO and worldwide
  • Opinions on validity and on infringement
  • Copyright

More info: http://www.modiano.com/eng/home/contact-us/