3D printing allows you to design customised components according to your needs and to produce series of parts and pieces for industrial use.

PolyD Protected, PolyD's process for confidential 3D printing, protects you from prying eyes. In this article we explain how. 



PolyD Protected



PolyD Protected, the PolyD Confidentiality Protocol


Why is it so important to make sure your parts are protected from prying eyes?

The STL (Sthereolitoghraphy) or STP file sent to the 3D printer, before being launched for printing, undergoes transformations and adjustments (slicing). It is essential that the 3D printing service offers the right guarantees for the treatment of projects:

  • a secure connection, i.e. end-to-end encryption (HTTPS);
  • storage of files in an anonymous way on a secure site;
  • the possibility of deleting the files once printing is complete.

What is a confidentiality protocol?

It is a protocol within which the online 3D printing service undertakes to define a process for the management of print files from the moment of upload for quotation to deletion once the Part has been printed.

PolyD is the most confidential and secure industrial 3D printing service on the market. 

At PolyD, we enter into a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) with you whereby your 3D printed Parts are protected from prying eyes, through the PolyD Protected Protocol. 


The PolyD PROTOCOL OF CONFIDENTIALITY consists of the following points:

  • after printing your parts, we do not keep copies of the models produced;
  • when you log in to the platform and use the Configurator features you have access to a reserved, protected and exclusive user area;
  • you have total control over the files you upload; you know where they are at all times, from when you upload, until the order is delivered;
  • after delivery, we at PolyD delete the file from our production systems: there is no reason to keep it as it remains available in your private area;
  • the order process is structured to guarantee your confidentiality:
    • the order is associated with a unique code, which accompanies your Components throughout the production phase, without explicit reference to your personal data;
    • your order is packaged in an anonymous box;
    • during the shipping phase, we generate the transport document from the unique code, after the package has been closed and packaged;
  • every piece you order and print is protected by NDA. The only photos of objects on the site are examples created by ourselves in our Demo Room.

Find out PolyD's NDA Policy here or download the PDF of the NDA agreement.

What is the difference between us and others?

  • we have designed and implemented a Protocol to protect the 3D Printing of your Parts;
  • firmly committing to the confidentiality of information about you, and independently of your signature on the Confidentiality Agreement, guaranteeing the application of the PolyD Protected protocol;
  • in addition:
    • in the estimator, the .stl files of your Prototypes, for the purposes of dimensional calculations, reside in your browser and are only transferred to PolyD when you decide to add them to your basket;
    • in the free STEP file / STL file converter the files are not stored;
    • we have invested in security to offer you high standards and provide you with a "state of the art" application.

For more information please also read PolyD for You.

Have we convinced you? In addition to protecting you, we are fast in quoting and precise in the production of your Parts.

Try us and enjoy 3D printing!