3D Printing enthusiasts, welcome to the PolyD lab!

PolyD Lab is Polyd's MJF 3D Printing Lab, a spin-off of PolyD, a space within which we work on projects aimed at pushing 3D Printing to the extreme of its possibilities. As the word says, it is a research lab, always active. The lab's first opening experiment is a 3D Printing Contest. Find out how to participate.

PolyD 3 Printing - Polyd Lab

PolyD lab

As mentioned in the introduction, we could call PolyD lab the Polyd's MJF 3D Printing Lab.

PolyD cares about the confidentiality of its customers and the PolyD Protected Protocol Process guarantees protected 3D printing. Many of you have asked us over the years for information and technical details about 3D printing. That is why we thought of creating this discussion space with the aim of taking MJF 3D Printing to the extreme of its possibilities and showing it to you.

PolyD lab will put its MJF 3D printers at your disposal, as well as all the skills its employees have accumulated over years of 3D printing.

PolyD lab Contest

Let's start with the 1st Extreme 3D Printing Contest: every month we will choose a Piece in line with this philosophy of "extreme" 3D printing. The Piece will be printed, sent free of charge to the owner and the printing process filmed in a video. In return, we ask those who are interested in trying their hand at this adventure to send us projects to make.

How does the PolyD lab contest work?

First of all, it is completely free of charge, we would like to point out.
To participate, we ask you to send an STL file to labpolyd@gmail.com.

The file will be viewed and discussed and, if selected, printed and the printing process filmed in a video.

  • Our team of experts will select one project per month, choosing the most particular one, which most reflects the spirit of PolyD lab, i.e. taking 3D printing to the extreme, or even beyond, its possibilities;
  • The piece will be printed and sent, again free of charge, to the project owner;
  • All stages, from printing to the evaluation of the project according to the following 5 criteria, will be the subject of a dedicated video.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The evaluation on the selected piece will be based on 5 Criteria:

  • Resolution quality of the Stl file;
  • Degree of optimisation of the 3D Print;
  • Aesthetics and Details;
  • Printability;
  • Usefulness of the part.

At the end of each video, a grade will be given for the 5 criteria and a ranking will be drawn up.


PolyD lab contest: the 5 criteria


Rummage through your PC folders for an old project, or create a completely new one and email it to labpolyd@gmail.com

Let's experience together how far MJF 3D printing can go!

We are ready to go, and you?